Robust B2B Event Marketing: Podcast Interview with Jim Roddy!


Check out this month’s interview on B2B Event Marketing with Jameson’s Jim Roddy.

B2B events don’t have to be boring! Carl recently interviewed Jim Roddy, President of Jameson Publishing, on his podcast, Events: What Wakes You Up at 3AM? They explored the super-creative ways they are crafting their event marketing. Jameson started with magazines and has gone on to explode upon the IT event space with multiple, very successful events. (In just 3 years!)

The interview has tons of great tips on how to launch, market and improve B2B events of varying sizes. Jim shares his insights on speakers, creative marketing strategies, audience engagement, entertaining programming and revenue generation. Here’s 4 quick take-aways from Jim:

1. Their super-targeted events happen in one giant ballroom (or two) with all the attendees and exhibitors, ensuring

Great marketing idea: Jim mailed these custom dollar bills to VIP attendee prospects as a promo offering a Marketing Took Kit worth $10,175!

Great marketing idea: Jim mailed these custom dollar bills to VIP attendee prospects as a promo offering a Marketing Took Kit worth $10,175!

maximum engagement and networking.

2. The business model: They focus on serving their readers, so attendee registration is free. Expenses are minimal and often sponsored. Sponsorship revenue is high.

3. Always take the post-mortem seriously after the event. Most event organizers don’t do a thorough enough job. Pay close attention, have the whole team take notes during the events to share later, focus on how to improve, and don’t make the meeting just a “Congrats, we did it again!”

4. On allowing sponsors to speak: Make sure you control the conversation. How? By educating the vendors. Create a panel of vendors focused on thought-leadership in your niche. If your vendors have partners, pair them up to have a panel discussion or Q&A with your audience. It’s a win-win for attendees and vendors.

Gain more with insights from the podcast such as designing super-creative direct mail, cultivating VIP lists, the art of integrated packaging strategies, creating service partnerships, developing trade shows on cruise ships and more!

Listen here: Events: What Wakes You Up at 3AM?


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